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Quality Assurance Policy

Akademia College’s policy is to offer high-level education and research in the Hospitality Industry and to become a modern and innovative College. The commitment of Akademia College to this policy is achieved by the following:

  • Implementation of management systems that guarantee the provision of quality education to our students and the quality assurance with respect to the programmes offered and the degrees awarded
  • Employing competent and qualified staff with the necessary training to carry out their work
  • Strengthening the human capital of the college through appropriate training programmes to acquire new skills and process-centric culture
  • Continuous monitoring of international developments in education and the introduction of new modern teaching methods, taking into account state-of-the-art technologies
  • Maintaining a high level of learning resources and infrastructure
  • Ensuring that student assessment is based on published criteria and regulations
  • Management and statutory committees continuously assess needs and provide all necessary resources to continuously upgrade the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • The basic principle and commitment of the governing bodies is to provide students with reliable services that fully meet their needs and expectations
  • Promote the academic recognition of the programmes of study and the qualifications offered
  • The compliance with legal and regulatory requirements concerning the College, taking into account the requirements of all interested parties
  • The appointment of an Internal Evaluation Committee for the implementation of the above and the relevant legislation for quality assurance
  • Involving all employees and key staff of the institution in taking initiatives. 

In order to better inform and raise awareness of our staff, associates and students, this Policy, as well as the analysis of our quality performance, are communicated and made available to all interested parties by posting them on our web site and within the college premises. Additionally, we ask through questionnaires their views on our performance in the above mentioned areas.

At the same time, the Management, through the regular and ad hoc meetings that have been established for the review of the Quality Management System, controls the continuous suitability of the Quality Policy and sets realistic, measurable and objective targets for the quality of the services provided, which are constantly monitored, to ensure their suitability and relevance.

The Quality Assurance Manual, is the primary reference document for the quality management system, documents the College’s policies, goals and objectives as well as the responsibilities and authorities to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

Internal Evaluation Committee

Akademia College has set up an Internal Evaluation Committee, which will carry out continuous audits to ensure the quality and transparency of the College.

The role of the Internal Evaluation Committee is to coordinate the preparation and submission of specific self-evaluation reports for external audit purposes. The Committee will meet regularly and invite representatives from various departments of the College, to inform and exchange views on how to improve the services offered.

The structure of the committee is formed according to the article 13 of The Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education and the Establishment and Operation of an Agency on Related Matters Laws, 2015 and 2016.


Contact us

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