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Research Centre 

The Research Centre of ACC Akademia College was initiated in 2019 and is distinguished for its professional management, integrity and expertise, enabling successful completion of its diverse activities. Primarily as a research incubator, it plays a vital role in the further development of academic activities (including academic and research workshops and guest lectures) within the College.


To be recognised as an innovative and creative Research Centre in the region and internationally in the fields of hospitality and tourism.


To strengthen the research culture through distinctive, collaborative and interdisciplinary research for the benefit of the faculty, industry and wider community.


  • Carry out excellent, applied, collaborative research so as to be considered a point of reference for the hospitality and tourism sectors at national, regional and international level.

  • Participate and present in international conferences, and build strong networks and partnerships with like-minded professionals.

  • Publish original research articles in international journals on a yearly basis and produce conference proceedings.

  • Promote international cooperation in teaching, research and other fields of mutual interest with European and international academic institutions, international organisations and non-profit organisations.

  • Develop networks between the research centre and other research centres in the public and private sectors – locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Invite prominent scholars for specialised guest lectures and seminars and provide opportunities to the faculty and students to interact with international academics.

  • Seek out funding opportunities from European and Cypriot funding agencies for research projects.

  • Support the development of new and existing academic programmes and curriculums based on research findings.

  • Consult, advise and provide recommendations to bridge the gap between the current and desired situation in the hospitality and tourism sector based on research findings.

The Research Centre of ACC Akademia College is interested in the below research areas:

Hospitality Management & Education

Tourism & Hospitality

Human Resource Management

Training & Development                                                                               


                                                                                     Dr Eirini Daskalaki Academic Director &

Head of Research Centre



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College Facilities

Akademia College is situated in Deryneia, next to the main and most popular tourist areas in Cyprus.  

The college is located in a ground floor building offering easy access as well as a clean, safe and comfortable environment for students and staff.


The Library is located on the ground floor of the college building situated in a quiet area, designed to provide students with a comfortable and well-equipped site, able to meet their academic requirements as well as the professional needs of the personnel. The library includes a large amount of curricular and co-curricular materials such as books, journals, magazines, tapes and CDs. The Library is designed to provide a seating capacity of approximately 6 seats. It provides internet connection, as well as a photocopier and a scanner.

The library is open 6 days a week and the hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Library has 2 computers to be used by the librarian and students for accessing the College online library catalogue (KOHA – and online books and journal databases (DOAJ, DOAB, University of Cyprus Library, Cyprus University of Technology Library, Collective Catalogue of Cypriot Libraries, Google Scholar).

Our librarian, Mrs. Katerina Constantinou Matsiou together with the administration staff, provide guidance and support to the students. Currently the College is updating the textbooks and journals to the latest editions. The book section covers a variety of areas such as, hospitality, business, computer science, accounting, humanities, social sciences and literature.

The College is a member of the Cyprus Association of Librarian and Information Scientists, who are supporting and assisting with the development of our learning resources. Additionally, our library is a member of the University of Cyprus Library allowing our students and faculty access to their learning resources.

The College has subscriptions with EBSCO and UNWTO electronic databases, which are widely known in the academic environment, thus, providing the academic staff and students with access to the latest scientific and research publications, articles and textbooks.

Please visit our main Library page for more info:

IT Facilities

IT facilities offer computer laboratory on the ground floor which is available to students, from Monday to Friday, in order to provide them with full assistance on their course and for completion of any course work required. The computers have the latest Oracle Hospitality Suite 8 installed for the teaching of relevant course and student training.  

Students at Akademia College have their own college e-mail accounts and have online access to all course materials through G Suite for Education platform provided by Google and also Moodle for access to all learning materials, academic support and communication. Students may bring their own laptop to the College to connect to the wifi network. The computer network is constantly being monitored and upgraded to offer modern computing facilities for up-to-date software applications, as well as others covering as many aspects of the college as possible.

Teaching Facilities

The College teaching staff employs a range of facilities designed to include the latest ICT facilities. Teaching rooms are equipped with projectors, interactive whiteboards and other infra-structure.

Lecture Rooms

All lecture rooms of the college are not only equipped with white-boards and state-of-the-art technology such as projectors, but they are also heated and air-conditioned establishing a comfortable atmosphere in order to ensure the best methods of education. The main lecture room has been acoustically enhanced to ensure a more harmonious learning environment for both lecturers and students.

Student Cafeteria 

The cafeteria is on the ground floor at the main entrance and it is available to all students and staff for breakfast, a quick snack in between classes, lunch or just meeting, relaxing and socializing in an accommodating environment with a cup of coffee. It is equipped with coffee and vending machines. Students can also bring their own breakfast/lunch at the cafeteria if they wish. There are also supermarkets, bakeries and shops located near the college offering more choice.


Administration offices are located on the ground floor of the college building, comprising administration, library as well as offices equipped with all necessary and up-to-date IT facilities such as printers, scanners, personal computers etc.

Faculty Office 

The faculty office is situated on the ground floor fully furnished, heated, air-conditioned and equipped with personal computers, whiteboards and projectors.

Parking Facilities 

  • The College provides approved parking for all students and staff at the rear of the building and with additional space a short walk away (100m). See Appendix 12 - Parking Plan

  • There is also provision for disable parking and access to the building.

  • Please park in a civilized and orderly way respecting all spaces provided.

  • Avoid parking in traffic lanes or other restricted areas (ie access areas, fire points, pedestrian ways, etc) that might cause potential hazards or other forms of damage.

  • Avoid parking in disability spaces, unless you are a holder of the appropriate permit.

  • Avoid parking on pavements or other municipal areas that might cause potential public hazards or other damage.

  • Parking areas are usually unattended, therefore, parking in all designated areas is at your own risk.

  • The College bears no responsibility for any accidents or damages that may occur in any of the parking facilities.


ACC Akademia College can facilitate the students in order to find their own private accommodation should the wish, by providing assistance with local real estate companies.

Sports Centre 

Akademia College is able to arrange for the provision of work out facilities for the students in cooperation with local sport gyms very close to the main college building. The college also has a collaboration agreement with Anagennisi Athletic Club for students to use their facilities which include football and volleyball fields and billiard tables. Please contact the Student Welfare Office for more information.

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Dr Eirini Daskalaki is the Academic Director & the Head of Research Centre at Akademia College. She holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece); an MA in Intercultural Business Communication from the University of Central Lancashire (UK), and a PhD in Intercultural Communication and Business Strategy in the Hotel Industry from the University of Glasgow (UK). She specialises in conducting research, giving training workshops, designing courses and organising conferences. She will be the Lecturer of Business Communication at Akademia College for the academic year 2019/2020. Dr Daskalaki has given presentations to international conferences and delivered workshops in Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, the UK and Germany and has produced a variety of publications. She is the founder, organiser and program chair of ‘The Cultures Conference’, a board member-research coordinator at Young SIETAR (Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and an editorial team member for the Journal of Education, Innovation and Communication (JEICOM), which is listed in the National Library of Greece, Athens.


Dr Costas Photiou is a Hotel Administration Lecturer/Associate Researcher at Akademia College with a specialisation in Humanities and Social Sciences. He holds a PhD from Newcastle University Business School (UK) and an MBA from Kingston University Business School (UK) with both theses focusing on HRM related issues within the local banking sector. He also holds a BA in Accounting & Finance from Phillips College (Cyprus). Dr Photiou has published extensively in various papers, conference proceedings and research seminars concentrating on strategy, HRM, employee wellbeing and organizational performance themes across Europe. He is a member of the Academy of Management (USA), the British Academy of Management and the Cyprus Human Resources Management Association and is regularly called upon to review conference papers and conference symposium proposals on HRM related research.


Dr Marilena Paraskeva is an Associate Researcher at Akademia College. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Birkbeck College, University of London (UK), an MSc in Computational Linguistics & Formal Grammar from King’s College London (UK), and a BA in Greek Philology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece). She is a Special Scientist at the University of Cyprus and a Scientific Collaborator at the European University Cyprus. She has previously held the posts of Visiting Lecturer and Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Cyprus, and Local Consultant at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cyprus. She has published, among others, in the ‘International Journal of Multilingualism’ and ‘Sociolinguistic Studies’ on code-switching and language and gender. She has presented and talked extensively on linguistics and has also been invited to participate in formal peer reviews on topics relating to bilingualism and multilingualism. Dr Paraskeva was presented with an ‘Exceptional award' during her doctoral studies, in recognition of the student's research progress and contribution to the activities run by the Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication at Birkbeck College, University of London (UK).


Efstathios Kolongou is an established Academic Consultant and Vocational Trainer specialising in the area of Hospitality and Tourism Management. He holds a BA in Administration of Tourism Enterprises and is an MA Candidate in Occupational Safety and Health (MSc). He has worked with a large variety of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and academic institutions across the island as a Specialist Consultant and Trainer in the topics of F&B, management, industry software and HR – amongst others. As a member of committees, he has guided on issues including college governance and the environment in relation to sustainable tourism. Efstathios has attended and led many seminars, and has represented various industry bodies at hospitality and tourism exhibitions. His current post is as Programme Coordinator and Lecturer for the Hotel Administration Akademia College.


Yiannis Kouis has extensive experience in Tourism and Hospitality having worked within the industry both with various bodies and high-end hotels and also as an educator on the topics. He holds a BA in Business Administration; an MA in Hotel Administration, a Teaching Certificate and is currently a Dprof Candidate in Employee Motivation. Yiannis held the post of Director of Administration at the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) as well as a Member of the Board of Directors. He has researched and been consulted on many industry papers, as well as having a vast number of articles published with topics that have included sustainable tourism, tourism marketing and alternative tourism – amongst others. He will be the Hotel Administration Lecturer at Akademia College for the academic year 2019/2020, having previously taught and lectured at: University of Nicosia; Intercollege; the Cyprus Ministry of Education’s Hotel Schools and Higher Hotel Institute, and as an instructor for the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.


Stella Zorpa has a long and established career as an English Language teacher in addition to extensive experience in training other teachers to teach English at all levels. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature; a MSc in Educational Leadership and is a PhD Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction. Stella will teach Professional English at Akademia College for the academic year 2019/2020, and during her many years teaching and training previously worked at state schools in Cyprus and Greece and various private educational institutions. She also worked at the British Council Cyprus for over 15 years as both an English teacher and an IELTS trainer for teachers. Stella has participated in numerous seminars and conferences on diverse topics related to teaching and teacher training, including on new technologies, vocabulary and young learners.


Nicolas Constantinou teaches the Hotel Administration curriculum at Akademia College. He holds a MSc in Strategic Hotel Management from the University of Surrey (UK) and a BA in Business Studies from Leeds Beckett University (UK). Mr Constantinou has worked extensively in the local hospitality industry in the F&B and Management departments with roles including Reservations Assistant & Marketing Manager, Front Office & Duty Manager, and Head Bartender at various hotels. During his time in the industry he obtained numerous certificates for industry-related topics including Food Management, Hotel Marketing and Bartending, as well as participating in Pancyprian bartending competitions, shows and seminars.


Panayiota Koutsfofta is an expert in environmentally sustainable practices and has worked extensively in policy, field work, environmental education, awareness-raising and project management for biodiversity conservation within her role as the Policy and Communications Officer of Terra Cypria – The Cyprus Conservation Foundation. She holds a BSc in Environmental Science; an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation, and an MSc in Education for Environment and Sustainable Development. Published works include the topic of Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning - EU network of Excellence, and she also has extensive research experience within the field, having worked widely on a variety of biodiversity projects. Panayiota will take the post of Lecturer in Hotel Sustainability at Akademia College for the academic year 2019/2020.


Christos Michail is an esteemed language and linguistics expert and has worked extensively in the education, development and tourism sectors, including at private institutions and at the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. He holds a BA and an MA in Pedagogies in the English, German and Russian languages and will be a Lecturer of Russian Language for the Hotel Administration programme at Akademia College for the academic year 2019/2020. Previous notable roles include as managing Director of the Cyprus Institute of Rural Development - Project Coordinator & EU Affairs Manager. Christos has both attended and organised a variety of exhibitions and seminars within the Hospitality & Tourism and the Rural Development industries.


Elena Tsapparila is a language expert in Greek, English and German with a particular expertise in translating having worked at the Cyprus Press and Information Office as an external associate for translation in addition to her teaching experience. She holds an MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies and a BA in German Language & Literature to further broaden her teaching repertoire. She also participated in the Erasmus-Socrates Exchange Program to the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Elena will be a German Language and Literature Lecturer at Academia College for the academic year 2019/2020, having previously taught German at various educational institutions, including the governmental K.I.E. (State Institutes of Education) and Cyprus Adult Education Centres, and at private educational institutions of the region - Xenion High School in Paralimini.


Zafeiro Anastasiou holds the post of Lecturer and Student Support/Welfare – Counsellor at Akademia College. She has a MSc in Educational Psychology from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus), a BSc in Psychology from the University of Bradford (UK), and a GCDF Diploma (Global Career Development Facilitator) from the European Board for Certified Counsellors (EBBC). She has worked as a Psychology teacher & Guidance Counsellor in educational institutions on the island and on research projects covering topics such as ‘Factors Affecting Young Students in Their Career Choice’. Ms Anastasiou has attended regular conferences on Counselling and Career Guidance; has written in the local press, and regularly volunteers to work with various vulnerable groups as part of her welfare activities.


Katerina Constantinou Matsiou holds the post of School Administrator and Librarian at Akademia College. She has an MA in Teaching Linguistics from the University of Cyprus and qualifications in Secretarial Studies and Studies in Greek Civilisations. She has worked in School Administration Departments and libraries across the island and participated in workshops and exhibitions on local heritage topics. As a speaker and trainer, Ms Constantinou Matsiou has covered topics on history and civilisation, including at the 1st International Conference of the Program ‘Studies in Greek Civilization’ of the Open University of Cyprus where she presented on ‘The Use and Acquisition of Ancient Myths in Antiquity, Byzantium, and Modern History, Literature and Art’. As a writer she has won numerous literary competitions for her stories and poetry and has been published extensively in literary journals, covering topics that have included Cypriot and Greek poetry and poets within a framework of different themes.


Anastasios Philippou holds the post of Lecturer for the Hotel Management course at Akademia College and is also the college’s Career Adviser. He studied Hotel and Tourist Administration at the International School of Tourism (Belgium) and has in-depth experience in many aspects of hotel management. Anastasios has lectured at colleges; consulted for tourism sector clients and has also delivered in-house training courses at 4 and 5-star hotels across the island in a wide range of industry topics. He has held numerous managerial positions in various departments of high-star hotels in Cyprus, including Sales and Marketing, Conferences and Incentives, and Food & Beverage. Anastasios has organised major tourism exhibitions around the world, as well as participating in them as a representative for the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (now the Deputy Tourism Ministry), and as part of the delegation for the many, local high-star hotels that he held positions in.


Diamanto Anastasiou is responsible for Student Support & Welfare Services at Akademia College. She holds an MA in Digital Media and Communication from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus); a Degree in Communication & Internet Studies from the Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), and completed a certification for Successful Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Company Sales from the Social Space Academy (Cyprus). Diamanto has worked extensively in media and promotion as a print, online, TV and radio journalist, and as a Media, Marketing & Communications Officer for various publications, organisations and companies. She has worked on theatre productions in different roles, including production, music, organisation, media and promotion and presented the research of ‘Voices of Cyprus’ - the six-month project for the African Community of Cyprus through the programme “Supporting participatory Community Media and Citizen’s Media literacy in Cyprus”.


Maria Pashia is the Seminar Administrator at Akademia College and is responsible for liaising with hotels and restaurants on the island for the organisation of trade seminars held at the college. She studied Hotel Tourism from the Austro-American Society (Austria), and Hotel Travel and Tourism in Cyprus. Her professional repertoire features a broad range of positions held in the hotel and tourism industry and in private companies, including within the areas of accounting, sales and administration. Maria speaks Greek, English and German.


Contact us

ACC Akademia College 

Eleftheria Avenue 116,

Deryneia 5380

PO Box 36118, Deryneia 5386


(+357) 23 010023

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