min. 20 hours


  • Τo examine the functions and procedures in the housekeeping department of a hotel.
  • To understand how effective housekeeping contributes to the overaΙΙ success of a hotel.
  • To use the knowledge gained in theory lessons and apply it practically in the training bedroom.
  • To demonstrate a general knowledge of the direction and control functions as applied to the housekeeping management
  • To understand the daily routine of the housekeeping management
  • To demonstrate the non-daily but essential routine functions of the housekeeping management
  • Understand the importance of how planning to schedule workers is a major advantage of housekeeper team staffing
  • To demonstrate a general knowledge for the swimming pool operations, housekeeping in other venues and the protection of assets, linen and laundry.
  • Αt least two visits to local hotels to view their housekeeping operations and one week's training in the housekeeping department of a local hotel.

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