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HRDA Approved Training Courses

Improving Restaurant Culture

Improving the tourism product is a necessity for restaurants in Cyprus – not an option – if the Cyprus tourism industry is to enjoy sustainable growth in the future. International competition for tourism has been, and will continue to be intense. Thus, a major challenge for restaurants in Cyprus will be to develop strategies that will enable them to compete effectively in future, since there is evidence that the price of tourism in Cyprus is higher than in many nearby competitors.

     Target Group of Participants 

·         Restaurants Owners

·         Restaurants Managers

·         Chefs

·         Maîtres

·         Managers of all departments in restaurant & leisure areas



·         Implement the concept of improving the Cyprus tourism product in restaurants, and the range of options available.

·         Develop and implement the concept of organization culture, in improving the tourism product offered by the restaurant and execute the culture change strategy.

·        Apply the solutions offered by the culture change strategy in effectively improving the tourism product as well as addressing identified weaknesses such as negative customer perceptions about the value for money of the tourism products currently offered by restaurants. 

Subsidized by the HRDA:

The seminar as Vital Importance is 100% funded by the HRDA. 



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