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Update: Online Lessons & Final Exams


As you know the government has started to relax the restrictions of movement from 04 May. In case you haven't seen the full information of the 4 phases, please read them here (PDF document from

For better safety for you and the college staff & faculty we will continue with the online lessons via Moodle. The lessons will finish Friday 05 June.

Over the next few weeks the lecturers will start to go through revision to prepare you for the final exams. This would be the time to ask any/all questions you might have about the topics covered over the semester.

The final examinations will start from Tuesday 09 June until Friday 19 June.
We will conduct the final exams at the college premises.
There are strict hygiene protocols from the Ministry of Health that we all need to follow. In this respect we will split the classes into smaller groups for the exams to ensure we are all safe.
Each student will be emailed individually with their exam timetable by the end of May.

It is the hope that the government phased plan will go ahead without a big increase in infection rates of the coronavirus.
Our plan to have the final exams at the college are subject to the government decisions on movement. If the government changes their plan, we will need to change our plan.

At the moment, to have you complete your exams at the college in June is our preferred plan.
We look forward to seeing you at the college next month! 

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Measures in Relation to COVID-19

We are currently, collectively experiencing unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Akademia College – along with educational institutions worldwide – continues to follow developments closely and to take every precaution and measure to ensure the wellbeing of our community, academics, students and stakeholders, whilst in parallel establishing methods to offer the highest standard of tuition during this crisis.

It goes without saying that the college is adhering to all guidelines set out by the Cyprus Ministry of Health regarding the protection of public heath and the restriction of the COVID-19 virus, and as such, the college has taken decisive action to prevent the spread of the virus and to minimise the impact of its effects.

We recognise that these are challenging times for both educators and students, and as a college, we will offer maximum flexibility to facilitate distance learning programmes and visual training courses.

Our team continues to work tirelessly to find new ways to leverage Information and Communication Technologies to implement modern e-learning through distance participation in all programmes. We will offer further updates to all stakeholders upon finalisation of the approach adopted in the coming days.

Specific measures have been taken and guidance is given to staff on an ongoing basis and regularly updated in line with that of the Cyprus Ministry of Health. Key to our actions is the closure of our college building for the better protection of everyone who cooperates with the college - in whichever capacity, and we kindly request that stakeholders do not attempt to visit the physical premises of the college. This is a necessary measure to ensure that we are operating responsibly, safeguarding public health, and do not allow the virus to spread.

Although the college building remains closed, we maintain regular communication through the use of telephone, email, facsimile and the Moodle platform on our website. Where documents are required to be delivered to the college and/or prepared by the college, please communicate with us by telephone and further instructions will be given.

As we continue to monitor the evolution of the situation, we urge everyone to follow developments calmly; to adhere strictly to all instructions and recommendations made by the competent authorities of the state, and to take all necessary precautions to limit the spread
of the virus in Cyprus.

With the occasion of Greek Orthodox Easter, we would also like to offer a message of support and hope to all our stakeholders. We pride ourselves on operating as a ‘family’ and it is the continuing bonds we share that motivate us to work hard to deliver our educational courses in the safest manner possible.

If we all work together, we can see better days ahead, and this is the true meaning of the Easter spirit – an ethos of coming together for the collective good, which Akademia College has always upheld, and will continue to do so as we navigate these unchartered seas.



5th Cyprus Bar Show

It was with great pleasure that our College participated in 5th Cyprus Bar Show that took place on 4th & 5th of March 2020 at Laxia Palace, in Protaras. The main goal of the event was "to improve our tourist product". 

The event was organised by the Cyprus Bartenders Association and offered professionals the opportunity to discover new products, enjoy different competitions, take part in seminars, presentations and tastings. 

We also had the opportunity to meet Tom Dyer, a multiple time World Flair Champion who amazed us with his skills and talent!