Academic Regulations

Academic Student Support


This policy provides Staff and Students guidance regarding their responsibilities to ensure that adequate support is provided to meet student needs. Furthermore, it aims to assist in the identification of students who require additional personal or academic support and to ensure appropriate interventions are implemented to enable such students to realise their full potential.


Akademia College will endeavor to identify students needing additional support and it will:

  • have in place strategies to identify students who require additional support to achieve their academic potential;
  • support the mental health and well-being of its student body through a range of educational and support initiatives;
  • make information available about support services to college staff and students, which can be readily accessed;
  • encourage students with academic or personal support needs to access support from relevant internal and external support services;
  • improve staff understanding to assist in the development of informed views, behaviours and attitudes towards students requiring additional academic or personal support;
  • have effective procedures in place for the disclosure of information about students with academic or personal support requirements, which comply with Privacy legislation;
  • have in place effective procedures for dealing with student incidents. 


The Faculties will implement processes for the monitoring of the progression of students considering matters such as:

  • progression rate;
  • overall progress towards completion of degree;
  • previous failure to complete subjects;
  • academic writing proficiency;
  • failure to complete subject assessment;
  • allegations of academic misconduct; and
  • attendance where it is a requirement.


Students are expected to:

  • consider carefully their choice of subjects;
  • have an awareness of student conduct issues;
  • seek relevant support/professional assistance where a physical or mental health issue is having or is likely to have an impact upon their academic progress;
  • seek and follow advice from Admissions Officer, Student Affairs Office or from academic staff;
  • fulfil academic requirements, including enrolment, class registration and any other requirements by the relevant due date(s);
  • achieve the minimum progression requirements as defined by the Faculty;
  • pass the minimum number of subjects as required including practical placements or other units of study as set down by the Faculty;
  • make the college aware of any obstacles to completing their academic requirements in a timely fashion; and make contact as soon as possible with the relevant Department should they receive any formal notifications regarding concerns for their progress or wellbeing.