Academic Regulations

To ensure the College academic integrity, students must be discouraged from obtaining an unfair academic advantage. In this regard, this policy documents the process of preventing and dealing with plagiarism.


To Prevent Plagiarism by Students

1. A statement on plagiarism is presented during the 1st lecture and below:

“Dishonesty in connection with tests, quizzes, or coursework assignments may be cause for dismissal from the College. Plagiarism consists of any representation of another person’s work as one’s own without proper acknowledgment.”

Examples of plagiarism include but are not restricted to:

  • submitting as one’s work a paper which includes a part copied from a book or article without identifying the quoted selection and/or sources,
  • presenting an author’s ideas as though they were your own original ideas, or
  • using work by another student with your name as the author


  2. Include an honesty statement for assignments that must be submitted in electronic format.

Below is an example:

‘By the electronic submission of my assignment, I acknowledge I am aware of the ACC Akademia College policy concerning academic honesty, plagiarism, and cheating. I further attest that the work I am submitting is solely my own, and no copy of other work were used to prepare me for this assignment.’


3. Students are encouraged to attend plagiarism workshops.


4. Provide resources for students to help themselves to avoid plagiarism such as examples of proper citation and plagiarism.