A College with a Strong Vision

With 40 years active participation in the field of tertiary education in Cyprus, AKADEMIA COLLEGE has a vision to equip tomorrow's tourism and hospitality professionals with the qualifications and skills required to succeed in the growing industry.

Complete Courses 

The college offers a range of full and part-time diplomas and degrees for new and continuing students, and short courses and training programmes for existing professionals. Our focus is to provide students and participants with the knowledge and skill-set to cover all the current and future demands of the tourism industry, and to maximise their potential for employment within industry - both in Cyprus  and abroad.

  • 2-years Hotel Administration Diploma

Short courses for existing hospitality industry professionals:

  • Training Course: Improving Restaurant Culture - approved and funded by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus(HRDA)
  • Front Office
  • Food & Beverage
  • Housekeeping

Advantageous Location

Located in Deryneia - in the Ammochostos region  - the college is perfectly positioned in the heart of Cyprus' tourist sector in an area  that boasts the island's most popular tourist resorts, and attracts enormous numbers of visitors from around the world. This location not only offers students personal experience of the region and its tourism product, but also creates opportunities for hands-on work experience, internships and future employment in the industry through the longstanding cooperation the college  maintains with the local establishments.

Modern and Proactive

The college operates in a modern learning environment with courses delivered through a well balanced distribution of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our sterling faculty have long-standing experience and roots in tourism education and offer valuable guidance and support throughout the duration of the courses.

The college is also active in its community and strives to create an educational institution that is an integral part of the Ammochostos region; working with the local community to meet the demands of the job market, and helping to create a sustainable tourism product  with a competent workforce.