Student Support Services



Personal Support 

Akademia College seeks to identify students requiring additional personal support, ensuring that early intervention is provided in a timely, reasonable and consistent manner.

Akademia College is here to support you at times of any emotional, psychological or mental health difficulties. We welcome students of any age, class, ethnicity, faith, belief, culture, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

We will work with you to help you manage your well-being and mental health, to develop insights into your situation alongside the tools and strategies to make the most of your time at College.  



Academic Support

A student may be identified as requiring additional academic support if they are not progressing satisfactorily, are potentially at risk of exclusion, or where their physical or mental well-being is reasonably considered to deserve some form of intervention by the college.

Students requiring personal or academic support will be contacted by the Faculty. It is important that students obtain appropriate prompt support once a need has been identified so that support strategies can be applied prior to students becoming at risk of academic failure.

Akademia College provide support services to assist students who are struggling with study demands. These include:

Program and enrollment advice (Admissions & Registrar);

Faculty specialist academic support staff;

Study support (Student Welfare);

IT support;

Library support;

Research support;



Financial Student Support

Scholarships and Awards

Find out more about scholarships and awards available to Akademia College students here: Awards & Scholarships

Sources of possible support

State Subsidy: 

According to the national law of 2015, students can apply for a student financial support offered by the state for:

Student Scholarship

Student Allowance


Student loans from local banks for Akademia College students:

Akademia College is in the process of securing privileged terms for Educational Loans from local banks, in an effort to help all students to study for any of its programmes and who unfortunately have a financial obstacle to do so.

The approval of the loan is subject to the provisions of the individual bank. In addition, the students should inform the College Admissions Department of the progress of their student loan application. 


Employer sponsorship:

Employed students are encouraged to explore the possibility of cost-sharing with their employer. Akademia College will help in enhancing the value created by the student for the employer through customization of his/her studies.


Waivers & discounts

Waivers and credits: 

Students might receive waivers or transfer credits for earlier educational qualifications which might reduce their tuition fees. Awards and support (and their limits) apply to the remainder of the tuition fees. As in all cases registration fees and other charges are paid in full. 

Alumni discounts: 

ACC Akademia College alumni who are wishing to study for higher qualifications are granted up to a 50% discount on the programme’s tuition fees. These discounts include any discounts they are entitled to for credits and waivers recognized by their new programme. Awards and support (and their limits) apply to the remainder of the tuition fees. As in all cases registration fees and other charges are paid in full.


Akademia College alumni & student family discounts: 

Qualified first-degree relatives (by blood or marriage) of Akademia College alumni or students receive up to a 10% discount on their programmes tuition fees. Awards and support (and their limits) apply to the remainder of the tuition fees. As in all cases registration fees and other charges are paid in full.


Early payment of tuition fees: 

Students that pay their full tuition fees at the beginning of their programme receive a 10% discount on their tuition fees.


Jumpstart - Hellenic Bank

ACC Akademia College is officially authorised to promote the “jumpstart” scholarship programme of Hellenic Bank!

Hellenic Bank supports young students through the jumpstart scholarship programme. The programme will provide 20 scholarships worth €2,000 each per year.

For more information please visit the following link:

Disability Services 


Disability Services are here to support any student who has disclosed a disability in their academic studies throughout their time at the Akademia College. 

Akademia College provides advice, guidance, and support to both current and prospective disabled students. 

We work closely and in partnership with disabled students, academic departments and other services to provide support and navigate barriers for disabled students. 

Disclosing disability and welfare

Based on the disability the College arranges appropriate individual disability support. 

Mobility at the college building 

There are designated parking spots for disabled staff and students. Disabled individuals may enter the building using the ramps beside the car park. The lecture rooms, rest rooms and corridors are spacious and designed to accommodate for students with mobility and other disabilities.

There are four provisions for wheelchair users to support students for parking and entering into the lecture halls. The college personnel provide personal assistance where required.

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