Director's Message


Going to a college is a time when you learn and grow, gain new knowledge and life experience. It is the moment for all students to expose themselves to a diversity of ideas, people, and numerous activities; elements which are crucial to a well-rounded education. Our educational system is structured according to the needs of the modern business world. At ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE, we support your well-being, growth and success in a caring environment. We seek to intentionally promote student learning and development through varied, high-quality services, programmes, and opportunities that will allow you to balance the components of intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth.


ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE is a Private Tertiary Higher Education Institution registered by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, offering programmes such as Hotel Administration. Our college is renowned for its strong academic programmes as well as for the engaging environment it provides its students with. We are proud of our rich history and our ongoing commitment to educational excellence in our programmes. With a 40-year history of academic excellence and a rich array of time-honoured traditions, the College is embracing the future as well as the past with a new name and a bold new direction.


ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE is an exceptional, selective college for studies and we have dedicated ourselves to meeting the needs of a multi-cultural group of highly talented students, emphasizing on an interdisciplinary approach to learning. We are a unique educational institution as we combine traditional academia with what is going on in the real world in order to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.


Especially nowadays there is an explosion of knowledge worldwide; this however does not come with the corresponding understanding since the world lacks trust in its leaders and faith in its institutions. Being an institution of higher education, the College is committed to the discovery and transmission of the knowledge that will cultivate the education of the new generation of leaders, men and women, who will be capable of shaping the new century vision. This is based on the higher purpose of education as it has been taught by the ancient Greek philosophers. These features are at the heart of the education offered by our College.


My role is to assist and support you in achieving your academic, personal and career goals by forging a sense of community atmosphere that fosters learning and overall student development. We work with students to provide them with a variety of experiences during their time at ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE.


Whatever your area of interest, we look forward to welcoming you to the ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE.



Costas Charalambous