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AKADEMIA COLLEGE offers you learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice and that can be applied immediately in the real world working environment.

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You can apply online to our College for undergraduate programs and short courses using the link below.

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Welcome to Akademia College!

AKADEMIA COLLEGE has 40 years of active participation in the field of tertiary education in Cyprus have given us:
  • a broader view of the educational landscape of Cyprus
  • a deeper understanding of the educational background required to meet the demands of the job market
  • the necessary experience, expertise, connections and networks to affect change in our field.

And change calls for bold initiatives. Given that tourism is the backbone of the economy of Cyprus, we have decided to tackle the needs of both our community and our core industry at source.


Courses & Programmes

Hotel Management 

Hotel Management is a two-year diploma course plus an optional foundation year that covers all aspects of hotel management...
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Front Office 

The short course in Front Office is aimed at those actively pursuing employment in front office operations management to gain essential skills...
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Business Administration

Business Administration allows participants to develop practical business skills and gain a better understanding of the environment in which businesses operate...
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Food & Beverage 

A Food & Beverage course can provide individuals with the knowledge to work in the F&B industry, both in the creation and the production facilities associated with this field...
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MBA in Tourism (Franchise)

The Tourism MBA programme helps students acquire specific knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas associated with tourism business administration...
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Housekeeping covers all the essential areas of room maintenance and cleaning in a hotel, for the highest standards of guest satisfaction...
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ACC Akademia College 

Eleftheria Street 116,

Deryneia 5380

PO Box 36118, Deryneia 5386


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